Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Always the Alibi @ Market Street Allen USA Celebration 2016

     Ever since I moved to Allen in 2009 I've attended Allen USA Celebration. It was hard not to know what was going on with hundreds of cars parked up and down my neighborhood road and in street medians. While the commercial Warped, Uproar, Mayhem, and other festivals all come and go each year, I've had my sights set on playing a festival in my back yard for 90,000 people. One could have considered my fixation/desire outlandish and a failure every year up until now. Rather than seeing past years as failures, and becoming discouraged, I ignored the overwhelming odds in the name of passion. If I hadn't seen the glass as half-full these last few years, I wouldn't be playing on stage this June in my backyard. Playing a break-through show this close to home is an unexplainable blessing of great proportion and is bound to be one hell of a blast! - MW 

Always the Alibi will be playing the annual Market Street Allen USA Celebration 2016 festival at 7:00 pm on Saturday, June 25th. Gin Blossoms to headline the event followed by the largest firework show in TEXAS sponsored by Harley Davidson.

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